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The future is so bright

The future is so bright


Beta testers wanted for new Alexa mailFI feature!


As many of you know (because I’ve been promising it for so long) Alexa notifications are in development.

What are Alexa notifications?

Alexa routines are awesome if you're standing next to Alexa, but what if you've stepped away? 

Enter Alexa Notifications

When Alexa is listening or is talking she exhibits a blue ring, when Alexa has a message to deliver she exhibits a Yellow ring and needs a prompt from you to deliver it.

Alexa mailFi notification powered by “Notify Me” send you the yellow ring every time your mailbox is opened.  When you see the yellow ring simply ask Alexa to "play notifications".

Beta testing is limited and will be open to all MailFi users after extensive testing.

Simply click here for instructions on how to set up Alexa Notifications

Beta testers please provide your feedback @ Jason@Alydi.Com

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