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Long Range MailFI


Long Range MailFI

Long Range (LR) MailFi is a complete mailbox notification solution. LR MailFi operates using a Cellular-based Mailfi for longer-range communications that the wifi-based MailFi can't reach.

LR MailFI is solar-powered and contains a 3.7V liPo battery and a dipole antenna. The device sends text/SMS messages to 1 or more phones indicating that the mailbox has been opened. 

Due to the use of cellular communications a low-cost subscription is required.  

For locations that experience cloud cover from time to time,  a USB slot is available if occasional charging is needed. A battery bank similar to the one used to charge a cell phone works great for this purpose.

Battery level indications are sent with text/SMS messages or by emails when the device needs to be charged.

LR MailFi is a completely built mailbox solution that arrives ready to be mounted, no assembly required. 

Convenience and Security will soon be available…

Please purchase a LR MailFi to express your interest in the product; it is currently priced at $0.00, no product will be shipped, this is only a market test to gauge customer interest and to get feedback. Customers that check out will only receive information regarding the LR MailFi and their provided personal and response information will be kept confidential.