Alydi Tech

Beta vs VHS

Setup instructions:


    1.  Go to the Smart Life app / click on your mailFi sensor / select the pencil and paper icon from the upper right / Click on Device Information, Copy your Virtual ID.


    2. Go to the Alexa app and click on the three bars in the upper Left / Select Skills and Games / search for Notify Me, you’ll recognize it as a purple background with a yellow bell./  Enable this skill, select the box next to Alexa Notifications, which will allow Alexa to send you notifications. Save.


    3. The Notify Me skill will ask you to sign your amazon account, you should see a message that your account has been linked.


    4. Say  "Alexa, Open Notify Me". She will give you some information.


    5. Check your email and copy the Access code that Alexa sent. Only copy the key portion, it will look like this KJKJSDOPJSLDFJSLDFJLSKDFJSODFKJ (but much longer).  Do Not copy the “amzn1.ask.account.” part.


    6. Next: go to and fill in the fields with the information you've collected above ... Submit.


Try it out.

 I look forward to hearing your feedback about this feature.